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Diocese of St. Augustine ACCUSED PRIESTS

The Diocese of St. Augustine covers a large swath of North Florida, serving about 150,000 Catholics across the cities of St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and Gainesville. Like Unfortunately, like far too many other dioceses throughout the world, the Diocese of St. Augustine has been home to far too many incidents of child sex abuse since its creation. 

After a two-year investigation into clergy sexual abuse allegations , the Florida State Attorney General issued a report naming 97 Florida priests with victims who credibly accused them of child sexual abuse while serving in a Florida diocese. Five of those named priests served in the Diocese of St. Augustine, including:

  • John Dux,
  • Richard Bowles,
  • William Malone,
  • Thomas McNamara, and 
  • William Weinheimer. 

The Attorney General’s report also noted that 81 priests were assigned to Florida after being accused of sexual abuse in other states, fueling Florida’s reputation as the Catholic Church’s most considerable “dumping ground” for predator priests. One of these priests was former Jesuit priest Cornelius Carr; ordained as a priest in 1951, Carr’s victim accused him of sexually abusing him as a minor in the late 1970s while he was assigned to Jesuit High School in New Orleans. The victim accused Carr while he was in the Diocese of St. Augustine. Despite these credible accusations, Carr had also served in various roles in across New York and New Jersey. 

The victim claimed he told church officials and law enforcement about Carr’s abuse, but no one believed him. The Jesuit High School later paid him $450,000 to settle his lawsuit against the school. Before the accusations, Carr had been assigned to Christ the King Catholic Church in Jacksonville from 2002 to 2005. Carr died in 2013.

In 2020, the diocese removed priest John H. Dux after the diocese learned of credible allegations that Dux sexually abused a parishioner in 1976 when Dux was assigned to St. Patrick’s in Gainesville, Florida. His accuser claimed that Dux molested him on a trip to the state fair in Tampa when the victim was 14 years old.

The diocese has paid out large settlements in priest-abuse lawsuits throughout the years. In 2005, the diocese joined with the Diocese of Orlando to pay $1.5 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that former priests Vernon Uhran and Hubert Reason had molested three former altar boys for years during the 1960s and 1970s. The victims were 11 to 15 years old at the time of the abuse, which occurred in church rectories, hotel rooms, and spiritual retreats.

The Diocese of St. Augustine once spanned the entirety of Florida east of the Apalachicola River, but was later split to form other dioceses. In 2020, the diocese released a list of thirteen priests credibly accused of sexually abusing minors while in the diocese’s current boundaries, including:

  • Richard Bowles
  • Gilles J.R. Brault
  • John Byrne
  • Cornelius “Neil” Carr
  • John H. Dux
  • Augustus “Gus” Griffin
  • Howard C. Litts
  • William J. Malone
  • Thomas V. McNamara
  • David McCreanor
  • Michael E. Morse
  • James Flannan Walsh
  • William J. Weinheimer. 

The diocese lists the abuse dates for each priest, showing allegations spanning from 1954 to 1991. If someone sexually abused you or a loved one at the Diocese of St. Augustine, we can help you understand your legal rights. You do not have to go through the challenging healing process alone. Contact our legal team of Florida sexual abuse attorneys for a free consultation to understand whether you can file a claim, and learn how  we can help you.

Ordained: 1961
Status: Settled
Monsignor. Resigned in 2003 after admitting to molesting a boy 34 years prior. The diocese investigated after someone reported the molestation in 8/03. Shortly after the abuse in 1969, Bowles underwent a psychiatric evaluation. In 9/03 a second man came forward to allege abuse by Bowles at age 15 in 1971. His parents had complained to diocese the same year. This accuser filed suit 5/05 in and settled in 10/05 for $30K. Included on the diocese’s list 11/6/20. Also included on the Pensacola-Tallahassee diocese’s list of credilbly accused. Died 12/22/13.
Ordained: 1976
Status: Accused
Named publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 11/6/20. Abuse noted to have occurred in 1977. Deceased.
Ordained: 1973
Status: Accused
The diocese announced in 3/20 that Dux had been credibly accused of sexually abusing a minor in 1976, while assigned to St. Patrick’s in Gainesville. The allegation was received in 5/19. Per his accuser, Dux abused him at age 14, in 1976, during a trip to the state fair in Tampa. Faculties removed. Dux worked in the St. Augustine diocese until 1985. He was a US Navy chaplain 1985-98. He was living and assisting in the Charleston diocese at the time of the announcement. A second man came forward after the news of Dux’s removal, alleging the priest abused him as a boy 1980-82, at St. Madeleine Sophie in High Springs. On St. Augustine’s list 11/6/20. Added to Charleston’s list.
Ordained: N/A
Status: Accused
Named publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 11/6/20. Abuse noted to have occurred 1967-68. Deceased.
Ordained: 1944
Status: Accused
From Mexico. Rejected by multiple seminaries, ordained by his uncle. Founder of the Legionaries of Christ in 1941. Called the “most brilliant fundraiser in the modern church.” By 1997 the Legion had seminarians – as young as age 10 – in 18 countries. Maciel sexually abused young boys throughout his career and fathered at least three children with two women. Nine men came forward publicly in 1997 to allege abuse as young boys when they were seminarians. Maciel was suspended from Legion leadership by Pope Pius XII in 1956 reportedly due to accusations of drug abuse and abuse of boys in Mexico. Reinstated in 1958. Pope John Paul II ignored reports of his abuse and, in fact, celebrated Maciel. Removed by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006, given life of prayer and penitence in Jacksonville FL. Died 1/30/08, age 87.
Ordained: 1958
Status: Accused
Named publicly by the Diocese in 3/19 as credibly accused of the sexual abuse of a minor in the early 1980s at Sacred Heart in Jacksonville. His accuser was a girl, age 11. Her parents met with Bishop Snyder in 1991 after learning of the abuse, which allegedly occurred during confession. Malone was moved to St. Elizabeth Seton in Palm Coast. Diocesan documents included in the FL A.G.’s report released 11/20 show that, since 1991, at least four women had reported to the Diocese abuse by Malone at Sacred Heart. One said she was age 15 in 1982 when the priest molested her weekly for six weeks during counseling sessions. Another young woman gave birth to Malone’s child. The Diocese paid the mother $3K per year 1993- 2010 for child support. Malone worked in the Diocese of St. Augustine 1/82 – 3/92. He went to live with his Order on Long Island, NY in 3/92, then returned to its Ireland Province, where he died in 2003. Included on the St. Augustine diocese’s list 11/6/20.
Ordained: N/A
Status: Accused
Accused in 2004 of inappropriate contact with three minors in the late the 1960s. He was a visiting priest from Ireland assigned to Christ the King and St. Patrick’s parishes in Jacksonville 1966-68. Irish Bishop confirmed in 12/04 that McNamara continued to abuse boys for many years after his return to Ireland. Retired in 1993. Bishop denied knowledge of abuse in the U.S. McNamara died in Ireland in 1997. Per a 5/14 report on the Killaloe diocese, there were 26 complaints against him there. Included on the St. Augustine diocese’s list 11/6/20.
Ordained: 1961
Status: Settled
Accused in a 2005 lawsuit of abusing a 5th-grade boy many times during the 1965-66 school year at Incarnation Catholic School. Suit settled by St. Augustine diocese for $150K. In 2005 Mena was retired and living in Jacksonville. Two 2008 suits alleged abuse in the 1960s and 1970s in the Orlando diocese. Mena may have moved to Spain. Another suit filed in 12/09; plaintiff had already settled with the diocese.
Ordained: 1976
Status: Accused
The diocese announced to parishioners in 12/20 that Morgan was being investigated for multiple allegations. Morgan had gone on a six-month “sabbatical” in the summer of 2018 at St. Luke’s Institute; it appears that he did not return. In 9/20 someone reported to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office that Morgan had a sexual ‘relationship’ with a Bishop Kenny High School student in 1977. Morgan was a religion teacher at the school. No criminal charges due to the statute of limitations. In 2/21 Morgan was reportedly being investigated by the FL A.G. after the A.G. learned that the diocese did not disclose the local criminal investigations of him until after the A.G. had concluded it’s state-wide investigation in 11/20.
Ordained: 1984
Status: Accused
Named publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 11/6/20. Abuse noted to have occurred 1989-91.
Ordained: 1965
Status: Accused
From Ireland. Arrived in the Diocese of St. Augustine in 8/65, several months after ordination. Named publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 11/6/20. Abuse noted to have occurred 1965-66. Died in Florida 5/14/13.
Ordained: N/A
Status: Sued
In a civil suit filed in 2/08, a man alleged that Weinheimer sexually abused him as a boy in 1954. Plaintiff had “love” letters that Weinheimer wrote to him at the time, beginning when the man was age 9. Petition claimed diocese knew of other allegations against Weinheimer, who died 1/20/86. Diocese was investigating. Included on the diocese’s list 11/6/20.

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