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The allegations against Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone: Despite scandal, no Vatican response

According to a report by WKBW, the allegations of sexual abuse cover-up against Buffalo Bishop Richard J. Malone span two states and even have connections to the Vatican and Pope Francis.

They have outraged Catholics in the Diocese of Buffalo and have led to regular protests, shrinking Mass attendance, dwindling donations and state and federal law enforcement investigations of the diocese.

But Pope Francis has been slow to act and has taken no action against the embattled bishop.

The allegations sparked Buffalo civic leaders to call for Malone’s resignationand Catholics have mounted weekly protests in front of the Diocese of Buffalo Chancery. Malone in August held a news conference and refused to resign as Buffalo bishop.

Multiple allegations facing Bishop Malone are documented over the past year in news reports. Read the full story from ABC Buffalo here.

“Sadly, it is not surprising,” said nationally recognized New York sex abuse attorney Jeff Herman. “The church has done nothing of note to help victims. How can you possibly trust an entity that has allowed sexual abuse of children to occur for decades to be a watchdog over themselves?”

In September, the State Attorney General launched a statewide investigation into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and the FBI has launched its own criminal investigation into the diocese.


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