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Insurance company does not want to pay Catholic non profit sexual abuse claims

Markel Insurance Co., based in Illinois, has sued Holy Family Institute, a Roman Catholic nonprofit, arguing that it is not obligated to defend the Catholic Institute from allegations that it concealed alleged sexual abuse by priests in the 1970s and 1980s.

The complaint states that the alleged sexual abuse that took place in three underlying Pennsylvania state lawsuits occurred before the time when Holy Family Institute was covered by these policies. 

“Because the injuries alleged in each of the underlying actions first manifested prior to the policy period of any of the policies, there is no coverage under any of the policies for the underlying actions,” Markel said.

The Pittsburgh-based nonprofit is facing three lawsuits that are seeking damages from alleged bodily injury “beginning at the time of the incidents of abuse in the 1970s and/or 1980s and continuing to the present,” according to Markel’s complaint.

One of the plaintiffs claims he has suffered from alcoholism, drug addiction, severe depression, and suicide attempts since his alleged abuse took place in the 1970’s. 

According to Markel’s complaint, the other plaintiff, who was allegedly abused in the 1980’s, claims he suffered from panic attacks, anxiety disorder and severe depression, and the third plaintiff says they experienced injuries including; physical abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, rape, depression and anxiety.

Markel told the court that the policies were for a period of coverage for three years in Oct., 2012 through Oct 2015. Markel argued that the underlying claims that the charity conspired to conceal the alleged abuse and exclude coverage for bodily injury that is “expected or intended from the standpoint of the insured,” which Markel 

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