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Former Football player at U. of Michigan accuses team doctor of sexual assault back in the 1970’s

Chuck Christian, a former tight end for one of the most decorated college football programs in the country, has stage 4 prostate cancer which has spread to his tailbone, ribs , hips , spine and shoulder. He was told in 2016 he only had 3 years to live, however, he has surpassed that timeline and credits natural remedies and alternative treatments rather than chemotherapy and radiation.

He has recently spoken out bout his sexual abuse when he was a Michigan Wolverine, and the team doctor, Dr. Robert Anderson, allegedly performed unwarranted prostate checks on athletes, including him.

“Nobody’s going to do that again,” he thought as he left the medical examiner of the urology clinic 15 years ago when a doctor prepared a prostate exam to check for the blood found in his semen. “That’s why I didn’t go get the exam because of my fear of these digital exams that Dr. Anderson used to give me.”

He’s now speaking up so other former athletes don’t wait too long to get their pwn prostates checked our of fear of same trauma.

“I want to help all the student-athletes that have been through what I went through,” Christian told CNN. “Do not let any doctor or trainer do to you what they did to us, because it’s wrong and it’s illegal.”

The former University of Michigan doctor, Anderson, now deceased, is being investigated, and the school is now encouraging victims to call its university compliance hotline with any reports of abuse.

“Every person in our community should expect to feel safe and supported,” university President Mark Schlissel said earlier this year. “The allegations that were reported are disturbing and very serious.”

Anderson was the Director of the University Health Service and then became the hockey, wrestling, football, and track teams’ doctor.

Back in 2018, campus police opened an investigation after a former athlete wrote about his own abuse he experienced in the 1970’s to the athletic director Warde Manuel. Investigators have since found Andersons ex patients who had similar stories on Andersons alleged misconduct during his exams – most cases were dated back to the 1970’s but once came from the 1990’s. 

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