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If you were sexually abused as a child, you now have the right to bring a claim and hold the school system accountable, regardless of how old you are or how long ago it happened. The window to file your lawsuit is open for a limited time only. Contact us today to learn your options.

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Jeff Herman is recognized as the country’s leading attorney for victims of sexual abuse. Jeff is aggressive, passionate and skilled. If you have a civil sexual abuse case, Jeff is the attorney you want representing you. As the firm’s founding and managing partner, Jeff has developed a national reputation for his powerful advocacy and unwavering dedication to his clients. He is a first-rate trial lawyer committed to empowering victims of sexual abuse to take back their lives and begin the healing process.

With over 30 years of experience, Jeff understands the tremendous challenges victims of sexual abuse encounter on their journey to recovery. He is considered to be a pioneer in the field of sexual abuse cases and has been featured on CNN, HLN, Fox News, The New York Times and many other national and international media outlets. Jeff believes that community advocacy is the key to preventing childhood sexual abuse and is involved with various organizations dedicated to protecting children from sexual abuse through comprehensive education. Jeff volunteers his time to train law enforcement on interviewing child victims of sexual abuse.

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Investigations and studies have shown that child sexual abuse is common in schools but is often an open secret with the school systems. The abusers are teachers, coaches, or administrators and may have a reputation for abuse. However, the other members of the school community fail to speak against the abuser or report the abuser. This creates an environment of secrecy where the abuser is able to thrive, creating abuse in school systems commonplace. While schools are supposed to be a safe environment for children, the stark reality is that schools are also an ideal place for abusers.

Stop Educator Sexual Abuse Misconduct & Exploitation (SESAME), an organization that attempts to prevent abuse by educators and other school employees, reported that 3.5 million children between 8th and 11th grade have reported they have had physical sexual contact from an adult and approximately 4.5 million children have reported they have experienced other types of sexual misconduct from an adult in school, such as the adult showing them pornography or being subject to sexually explicit language.

Child sexual abuse is not a new phenomenon but has been exposed more often in the past couple of years than it has in previous generations. This can be partially due to increased transparency in schools to report what they used to keep hidden. However, the increased use of social media and cell phones has allowed these educators to have easier access to students and makes it easier for them to create and continue an outside student – teacher or coaching relationship. This technology allows predators to discreetly and easily prey on children. Plus, the close contact that abusers have to children, again, creates the perfect environment for predators to exist. Some schools may not have the funding, staff, or proper protocols in place to adequately protect students. Further, predators are often not thoroughly vetted, which is how they were able to get a job within the school in the first place. It is crucial that schools have system in place to take serious steps to protect the children and provide training to educators on how to spot red flags both with the abusers themselves and to spot signs of abuse in the children.

Children are extremely susceptible to grooming behavior and experienced predators will target specific students. To prevent this behavior and child sexual abuse in the schools, adults must not only know about the signs of an abuser but also recognize the signs that a child is being abused. We must have conversations with children, encouraging them to feel comfortable speaking to the adults they trust in their lives. Further, it is crucial to teach children what their ‘private parts’ are and that no one has the right to touch them in any way. Children must understand that they are not to blame in any situation when abuse happens.

Again, a crucial step that school systems must take to prevent allowing abusers into their school environments is having adequate protections in place. These protections include conducting thorough background checks and vetting processes.

If someone abused you while you were in school, it is vital that you contact an experienced law firm to learn about what your rights are and whether or not you can file a claim. Victims often wait to come forward, however, it is important to expose the abuser to prevent any future abuse. Further, you can potentially hold the school itself responsible for its negligence that allowed the abuse and which played a role in causing your injuries. The school has a legal duty and responsibility to protect its students. If the school knew about the abuser, or failed to adequately vet the abuser, they were negligent and failed to protect you. Under a theory of liability known as respondeat superior, the employer (that being the school) can also be held liable for the abuse their employee (the teacher or coach) inflicted on the students. The best way to seek justice and protect future kids is to expose the abuser and the system that allowed the abuse by pursuing legal action. Contact an experienced law firm to learn about your rights and how you can seek justice.

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Sexual abuse occurs in many forms. It is committed by many different types of people in your life and effects many different types of victims. Consequently, sex abuse lawsuits are extremely varied and require varying approaches.

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