Decades of Combined Experience with Clergy Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse by clergy occurs at an alarming rate. Religious institutions provide a sexual predator the opportunity to groom victims in a setting where there is an implied trust. This breach of trust is one of the reasons sexual abuse by clergy is particularly harmful to the victim.

Our attorneys are experienced at handling sexual abuse cases against various religious institutions, including but not limited to the Roman Catholic Church, the Baptist Church, the Episcopal Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), and Judaism.

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Sexual abuse has long-lasting effects on those who are victims, as well as on their families and loved ones. When the victim is a child or a vulnerable adult, the harmful effects can be even more devastating.

Learn how the newly passed New York Child Victims Act could revive a claim that had previously been excluded due to the statute of Limitations. You can also look through our comprehensive list of accused clergy members in New York using the New York Predator Priest Index (P.P.I.)