Two weeks jail for Principal who did not report sexual abuse of students by teacher

Eric Nelson, 49, former principal at Fontenelle Elementary was sentenced to just 2 weeks in jail and only 1 year probation for not reporting what he knew about a teacher who was sexually abusing students during his time as Principal. 

He pleaded no contest to “Failure to Report Suspected Abuse” a misdemeanor and one count of felony child abuse was dropped.

First grade teacher Gregory Sedlacek, has been convicted of sexually assaulting female students inside the classroom and on the playground. Sedlacek is now serving 50-100 years in prison for sexual assault.

Even though Nelson, the Principal at the time was shown two photos and a video of what happened, he didn’t report it. Apparently he told that assistant principal he would provide is own investigation as he was concerned that the Sedlacek’s career would be risked. 

Nelson didn’t say anything in court. He will get credit for 3 days served, and will start his sentence on April 28.

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