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Prison Employee charged with Sexually Abusing middle school girl

A 44 year old man who had previously worked at prison in Texarkana pleaded guilty to having sex with a teenage girl. 

Christopher Allen Wooding pleaded guilty to Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child. He was a former employee of the Federal Correctional Institution, 

The Cass County Criminal District Attorney, Courtney Shelton, recommended 25 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, without the possibility of parole in exchange for his guilty plea.

Judge Bill Miller of the 5th Judicial District Court sentenced Wooding in accordance with the plea agreement.

In February the girl, who was a teenager at the time the sexually abusive relationship began, told a family friend that Wooding had started abusing her in middle school and had continued to sexually abuse her. 

The child said the sexual abuse began on Super Bowl Sunday in 2016, when Wooding touched her inappropriately on top of her clothing. He gave her alcohol and then began to force sexual acts with her on several occasions.

She would catch him outside her bathroom window taking pictures of her with his cell phone while she was naked in the shower on several occasions.

She went on to say she had reported the abuse to a family member, Jessica Elaine Wooding, and Jessica Wooding told her that if they were to report the abuse, it would wreck their lives. Jessica Wooding is charged with Endangering a Child. Her charges are still pending at this time.

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