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Authorities probe preschool accused of overlooking sex abuse

According to the Associated Press, the attorney general of Washington, D.C., and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education are investigating a preschool accused of ignoring signs that a teacher was sexually abusing children.

The Washington Post reported Friday that both offices declined to specify the purpose and scope of their investigations into the Washington Hebrew Congregation school.

Several families sued the school last week, saying the abuse happened for more than a year, despite behavior complaints made against the teacher soon after his March 2016 hiring. The teacher isn’t a defendant in the lawsuit, hasn’t been criminally charged and no longer works at the school.

School spokeswoman Amy Rotenberg says officials learned of the allegations in August and reported them to District police. Police say an investigation is ongoing.

“This school did not believe these children and their parents. The school did not protect them and must be held accountable. By speaking up and going through the legal process, these brave families are protecting future generations of children,” said nationally recognized sex abuse attorney Jeff Herman.



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