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Twenty More Allegations Against Kevin Spacey Found by Old Vic Theatre

Twenty More Allegations Against Kevin Spacey Found by Old Vic Theatre

London – The Old Vic Theatre conducted their own investigation into the sexual misconduct of their former artistic director, Kevin Spacey.  

The investigation found 20 personal allegations of inappropriate conduct by Spacey.  All accusers were young men, most of them former staff members of the theatre.  According to The Guardian, the theatre said 14 of the allegations were so serious that they advised the victims to contact the police directly.

The theatre found the complainants felt the stardom and status of Spacey prevented them from speaking up earlier.  They stated, “This is clearly unacceptable and The Old Vic truly apologizes for not creating an environment or culture where people felt able to speak freely.”

Many victims spoke about Spacey being an open secret.  Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos even said Spacey preyed on men, everyone had a “Kevin Spacey story” at the theatre.  The Old Vic Theatre denies those allegations.

The Old Vic Theatre promises they will have new initiatives put into place in order to fulfill its duty of care to their employees. According to Entertainment Weekly, those initiatives will include, “Appointing ‘guardians’ to champion best practices and be a point of contact for those who don’t want to reach out through formal channels, and spending time with employees to create an ‘OK – Not OK’ set of cultural expectations for all to understand and own, setting out in basic terms behaviors we feel comfortable with, and those which we do not.”


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