TMZ runs exclusive on Herman Law Case – Actress Dominique Huett Is Suing Weinstein Co. After Alleged Assault

TMZ runs exclusive on Herman Law Case – Actress Dominique Huett Is Suing Weinstein Co. After Alleged Assault

ACTRESS DOMINIQUE HUETT SUES WEINSTEIN CO.Harvey Sexually Assaulted Me And Co. Knew His Game


An actress has sued The Weinstein Company, claiming what other women have alleged … that Harvey Weinstein lured her into the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, demanded a massage and then forced oral sex on her.

Dominique Huett filed the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, in which she says Weinstein met her in November 2010, at the hotel bar, and told her he could help her with her acting career. She says he was staring at her breasts, asked if she ever had a “boob job” and then asked her to show him her breasts.

Huett says Weinstein warned her it would be beneficial to her career if she did not have breast implants.

She says he invited her to his room under the guise of a business meeting. She says he went to the bathroom and emerged wearing only a robe. She says he asked her to give him a massage and when she said no he laid on the bed and demanded one.

She says she ultimately complied and he then asked if he could perform oral sex on her. She says he wouldn’t take no for an answer and he performed oral sex on her for several minutes, after which he masturbated until he reached orgasm.

He then offered to secure her a role on “Project Runway.”

Her lawyer, Jeff Herman, says in the lawsuit his client is suing The Weinstein Company because it was aware of Harvey Weinstein’s power to coerce and force young actresses to engage in sexual acts with him. The suit claims Weinstein would use “honeypots” — female employees invited to the beginning of the meeting, and then dismissed — to lure victims into a false sense of security.

Herman tells TMZ he believes the suit is not barred by the statute of limitations because Huett’s suing TWC and the clock on the statute of limitations doesn’t start running against a company until it becomes evident the company was negligent in retaining a bad employee. Herman says it didn’t become evident until the swarm of publicity in the last few weeks.

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