Third Lawsuit Filed Against Bright Horizons, d/b/a Discovery Preschool, for Child Sexual Abuse

Third Lawsuit Filed Against Bright Horizons, d/b/a Discovery Preschool, for Child Sexual Abuse


Third Lawsuit Filed Against Bright Horizons d/b/a Discovery Preschool for Child Sexual Abuse

Lawsuit alleges Bright Horizons, doing business as Discovery Preschool, was warned about inappropriate behavior by “Mr. Ola”, a music teacher now facing criminal charges for child sexual abuse, months before his arrest

WHAT: Jeff Herman, a nationally recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse, announces the filing of a third lawsuit against BRIGHT HORIZONS, doing business as DISCOVERY PRESCHOOL for child sexual abuse by OLAKUNLE OMOMOWO, a music teacher at the daycare. Herman will release significant facts, which indicate that the school was warned about Mr. Ola in March before his arrest and has assisted in his criminal defense.

According to the Complaint:

  • Bright Horizons, d/b/a Discovery Preschool, hired Olakunle Omomowo in January, 2013, to be a teacher of preschool children at Discovery Preschool Center at Coconut Creek.  Prior to his employment with Bright Horizons, Mr. Omomowo worked at another preschool where he had sexually abused a child. 
  • In March, 2013, Bright Horizons, d/b/a Discovery Preschool, was warned on two occasions by parents of a Discovery Preschool student that Mr. Omomowo had inappropriately touched their daughter by tickling and rubbing her during a music class that he taught, on the playground, and during nap time. They expressed that they were concerned that Mr. Omomowo had sexual intentions toward their daughter, and demanded that he stop touching their daughter and not be permitted to be alone with her.  Bright Horizons promised to not allow him to be alone with their daughter and to prevent him from touching her in the future. Bright Horizons, d/b/a Discovery Preschool, also promised to further investigate the parents’ concerns.  In fact, Bright Horizons failed to investigate the concerns about Mr. Omomowo inappropriately touching students, failed to restrict him from touching other children, and failed to prohibit him from being alone with other students. 
  • He continued to be alone with other students in the preschool and touching them, ultimately sexually abused several preschool students. 
  • After learning that he had sexually abused students, Bright Horizons, d/b/a Discovery Preschool, engaged in a course of conduct to contain the scandal by downplaying the scope of the abuse, acting to dissuade parents from speaking to their children about the possibility that they had been sexually abused, and helped to defend Mr. Omomowo in the three criminal cases filed against him for sexually abusing students. 
  • Bright Horizons, d/b/a Discovery Preschool, engaged in acts to contain the scandal in order to protect the value of its shares of stock which were being traded in public markets and sold by directors, officers, and other executives of Bright Horizons.

JANE DOE NO. 47v. DISCOVERY PRESCHOOL was filed today in Broward County.

“A daycare must protect students from sexual abuse by teachers,” said Jeff Herman, the attorney for the victim in this case. “According to our lawsuit, Bright Horizons operated Discovery Preschool in a manner that maximized profits to the detriment of student safety.”

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