Sex-abusing neurologist’s patients: No justice in Philly

Sex-abusing neurologist’s patients: No justice in Philly

Patients of a neurologist already facing rape charges in New York and New Jersey say law enforcement officials in Philadelphia are burying nearly identical accusations against him, angering and perplexing women who say they’re being victimized twice — first by their doctor, now by a big-city justice system that won’t hold him accountable.

A slew of patients who accuse Dr. Ricardo Cruciani of sexual misconduct in Philadelphia have yet to see authorities pursue a felony case against him, even after police in New York City and New Jersey investigated their claims and swiftly filed charges that could put him away for decades.

The Ivy League-trained neurologist faces a total of 30 criminal counts. He has pleaded not guilty and is free on $1 million bail.

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