NYC District Attorney Joins Fight, Endorses Child Victims Act

NYC District Attorney Joins Fight, Endorses Child Victims Act

Albany, NY – Manhattan D.A., Cy Vance, joined a group of survivors and advocates in New York City to ask Governor Cuomo to include the Child Victims Act in his upcoming state budget.

The Child Victims Act would extend the timeframe a victim has to bring a civil or criminal case against their abuser.  They currently have until their 23rd birthday, but the Act will allow felony cases to be brought until their 28th birthday and civil cases up until their 50th birthday. 

“This bill reflects what we know about child sexual assault today: it can take a long time for someone to be ready to report it to law enforcement, and this delay is commons, it is understandable, and it should not bar a survivor from seeking justice,” said Vance to the New York Daily News.

Richard Azzopardi, a spokesman for Cuomo, did not say whether the governor plans to include the Act in his 2018-19 budget proposal, but did say, “It is outrageous that as a result of arcane laws, these victims have been denied their day in court.  We are working with the advocates to determine the most effective way to achieve these much needed reforms.”

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*Photo Credit: Jefferson Siegel – New York Daily News

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