New disturbing details on former Abilene church daycare worker accused of child sex crimes

New disturbing details on former Abilene church daycare worker accused of child sex crimes

New court documents reveal more disturbing details about a former Abilene church daycare worker accused of multiple child sex crimes.

Benjamin Russell Roberts, 25, was arrested on March 28 and charged with possession of child pornography, indecency with a child by contact and continuous sexual abuse of children.

Roberts worked at Wylie Baptist’s CDC and childcare programs at two other Abilene churches.

Police originally discovered Roberts after a child pornography investigation led them to his address in north Abilene.

According to court documents, Roberts admitted that a child from his neighborhood slept over at his house and at one point they were together in the same bed “spooning.”

The child told police that he spent the night at Roberts’ house on more than one occasion and also stated that he would never go into Roberts’ room because he was “afraid of getting raped.”

The child reportedly “shut down” when he was asked why he was afraid of being raped.

On March 28, Roberts admitted to police that he downloaded child pornography and had “sexual thoughts of the children with whom he worked.”

Roberts also admitted that he became sexually aroused by one child.

After police reviewed surveillance footage at Wylie Baptist Church and spoke with concerned parents, they discovered six of his victims.

There are a total of eight confirmed victims, according to police, and the crimes that Roberts is accused of include indecency with a child and “two or more acts of sexual abuse against children younger than 14.”

A mother reported to police that she found her child in the bathroom with Roberts, and while Roberts reportedly denied any sexual contact, the child told his mother that Roberts kissed him on the mouth and on other parts of his body.

On April 4, the child was interviewed at the Child Advocacy Center, where he also told authorities what Roberts had done to him.

Another child was interviewed at the CAC and told police that “Mr. Ben” would “tickle his tummy and rub his back.”

The child also reported that Roberts touched his private area at least two times.

A mother of one of the children in Roberts’ room at the daycare reported that she observed her child sitting on Roberts’ lap on three occasions and that she felt it was “inappropriate.” During a forensic interview, the child reported that Roberts would “slide his hands up her legs when he picked her up.” The child also reported that he would tickle her “belly and feet.” The child also reported that when she was in the playground, she ran up to Roberts and he touched her chest and then “said he was sorry.”

In surveillance footage captured between September and December of 2017, police discovered more evidence of Roberts inappropriately touching victims at Wylie Baptist Church CDC.

Roberts is being held in the Taylor County Jail on bonds totaling $500,000.

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