**Media Alert: New Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Boy Scouts**

**Media Alert: New Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Boy Scouts**

New Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Boy Scouts

Suit Says Assistant Scoutmaster Turned Registered Sexual Predator Molested Two Tampa-Area Brothers


The Miami law firm of Herman, Mermelstein & Horowitz, P.A., announces the filing of a new child sex abuse lawsuit against the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA for sexual abuse of a child by their former Boy Scout leader,   SHANE CZETLI. The suit also names the Tampa-area GULF RIDGE COUNCIL of the Boy Scouts.

JEFF HERMAN, a nationally-recognized attorney and advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, announces the filing of a new lawsuit alleging that two brothers were sexually abused by their Assistant Boy Scoutmaster, SHANE CZETLI, in 2002.

According to the lawsuit, the brothers met Czetli through the Boy Scouts when they were 12 and 9 years old, respectively.  The suit says that Czetli sexually abused each of the boys repeatedly, sometimes, after drugging them.  It also claims Czetli photographed the boys in the nude. The plaintiffs say the abuse ended when Czetli was arrested for child molestation in October 2002.

Czetli has since been convicted in Florida of several child molestation charges and is now a registered sexual predator.  This is the second lawsuit claiming that Czetli abused children he came to know through scouting in the Tampa area.

The Plaintiffs, identified only as John Doe No. 77 and John Doe No. 78, will also be represented by Portland, Oregon attorney GILION DUMAS, an attorney whose firm has represented victims of child sexual abuse nationwide.  As an out-of-state attorney, Ms. Dumas will apply for pro hac vice admission, a routine practice.

According to Herman, “It is a sad reality that predators go where children are.  I want to commend these young men for coming forward and reporting what was happening ; thanks to them, Czetli cannot hurt any more children.  But the boys have only just begun to heal and have a very long road ahead of them.”

The suit was filed early Thursday morning in Hillsborough County Circuit Court.


Jeff Herman, Esq.: 305-931-2200 office,

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