Lawsuit Filed Against Archdiocese of Miami for Child Sexual Abuse

Lawsuit Filed Against Archdiocese of Miami for Child Sexual Abuse

Attorney Jeff Herman, a nationally-recognized advocate for survivors of rape and sexual abuse, announced the filing of a lawsuit against ARCHDIOCESE OF MIAMI for the sexual abuse of a child by Father Rolando Garcia, an active priest in the Archdiocese of Miami, previously accused of sexual abuse.

The lawsuit alleges Father Rolando Garcia sexually abused John Doe, and despite being accused of sexual abuse in 2007, Archdiocese of Miami continues to employ Father Garcia as a priest

According to the Complaint, the Archdiocese of Miami became aware of a child sexual abuse allegation against Father Rolando Garcia in the early 1980s. The Archdiocese of Miami actively concealed this allegation of sexual abuse against Father Rolando Garcia, and Garcia sexually abused John Doe, the victim in this case, during the 1980s. The sexual abuse continued for 18 months and included intercourse.

In 2007, another separate claim was made against the Archdiocese of Miami for child sexual abuse by Garcia. But despite the multiple allegations of sexual abuse by Father Rolando Garcia, Garcia is currently Pastor of St. Agatha Church in Miami and remains an active priest in good standing of the Archdiocese of Miami.

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