NY Child Victims Act expires in:


Jeff Herman of Herman Law – Founder

Jeff Herman of Herman Law – Founder

As the founder and managing partner of namesake Herman Law, Jeff Herman has devoted his professional life to seeking justice for victims of sexual assault, rape, abuse, and sexual exploitation. As a commercial litigator in the late 1990’s, Jeff Herman was deeply moved by the discovery that a referred woman’s autistic son was abused in his pre-school. Upon further personal investigation, it was discovered that the child’s abuse happened at the hands of an employee, who was also a convicted pedophile. Immediately, Herman recognized his calling, and the scope of his work, as well as his practice, shifted toward specializing in sexual abuse cases.

Amassing years of experience, Herman has grown his practice into one of the nation’s leading law firms specializing in cases of a sexual nature, devoting his entire caseload to this realm of practice. He has provided hundreds of families, survivors, and loved ones with justice, closure, and the ability to regain their rights. Bolstered by the life-changing results he provides to clients, Jeff Herman has successfully embedded deep meaning into his professional scope and has been able to successfully operate his firm with integrity, a strong moral compass, and the business savvy needed to ensure his ability to aide families throughout the years to come.


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