Former Teacher Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse

Former Teacher Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse

Fifty-three year old, Stephen Jerome Budd has been found guilty of sexual abuse, resulting in a sentence of three life terms, reports the Sun Sentinel.

Budd was a teacher at Rosarian Academy. One of Budd’s alleged victims spoke out about the trauma she experienced, saying it led her to develop obsessive-compulsive disorder and become over protective of those around her. However, she also spoke about the positives she has faced. In court she said, “I now have to the comfort of knowing I save other potential victims of Mr. Budd.”

After hearing about the allegations against Budd, another one of his victims came forward to the police, claiming she was abuse by him when he was a teacher at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School in Riviera Beach. 

The defense said “teenagers lie for a million reasons, and sometimes for no reasons at all.”

Bruce Zimet told reporters, “these…women are incredibly brave, with what they were subjected to at trial, in depositions, their credibility questions, their integrity questions, they stood strong.”

Stephen Budd has been sentenced to three consecutive life terms.

Once the perpetrator is found guilty, not only do these victims receive validation, but they can also begin healing.

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