Empowering child victims to heal after trauma

Empowering child victims to heal after trauma

Any time a child suffers trauma, it is important not to stick our heads in the sand. After a traumatic event, kids often feel like control or power is taken from them. When they don’t have a chance to process what happened, you may see them living their lives as kids and then as adults with this sort of loss of control or power.

Unfortunately we see kids growing up now who have reported crimes, have gotten therapy, yet they’re still suffering as adults because they have never given a full disclosure.  

When I interview child victims of sexual abuse, my primary focus is to empower that child to heal through full disclosure. I believe the same focus can be applied when speaking to kids in the aftermath of any traumatic event.

Only after a child fully discloses the details of an event can they begin to adequately deal with their feelings and begin the healing process.  

Healing is a journey, not a destination. The process may take place over a person’s lifetime, but when a full disclosure is made, a child victim can finally begin to take back control and begin to truly heal.

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