In-Depth Interview with Sex Abuse Attorney Jeff Herman

In-Depth Interview with Sex Abuse Attorney Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is a trial lawyer who specializes in helping survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation. For over two decades now, Jeff has represented more than 1,000 victims of all ages, and he prides himself in making a significant difference for children in particular. Today, Herman Law has some of the nation’s leading childhood sexual abuse attorneys who are not afraid to be pioneers in the legal industry and champions of their clients’ rights.

The foundation of Herman Law was laid in 1997 when Jeff was a commercial litigator. A mother, whose autistic 4-year-old son was abused at pre-school, did not know who to turn to for support. To help the mother, Jeff decided to personally look into the matter. He discovered that the child was abused by a convicted pedophile whom the school hired—an incredibly surprising find considering that schools should provide a safe and educational atmosphere for kids. What is even worse, Jeff quickly learned, is that this type of irresponsible hiring happens all the time, across many institutions that work with kids.

“One of the things people say to me is, ‘Why are there so many daycare cases?’ I say it’s like, why do bank robbers rob banks? That’s where the money is. Kids are being abused in daycares because that’s where pedophiles are going,” explained Jeff.

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