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CT: Former St. Vincent’s Medical Center nursing aide charged with third sexual assault

CT: Former St. Vincent’s Medical Center nursing aide charged with third sexual assault

A former male nursing assistant at St. Vincent’s Medical Center who is currently awaiting trial for allegedly sexually assaulting two incapacitated male patients was arrested Monday and charged with attacking a third patient.

Gonzalo Flores, 53, was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault.

The hospital’s manager of security told police that Gonzalo Flores had admitted to being in the room of the third victim, Martin Chalecki, three times on the day of the alleged assault, the arrest warrant affidavit said.

According to the CT Post, hospital officials have maintained they found the third victim’s complaint to have been “unsubstantiated.”

Flores is awaiting trial for allegedly sodomizing a local man at the hospital in March 2013, allegedly sexually assaulting a Fairfield man in June, and now for the alleged sexual assault on 39-year-old Chalecki, of Bridgeport, on Feb. 15th. Flores was fired from the hospital in July.

Police said that after Flores’ arrest for the June assault, he confessed to not only abusing that patient, but admitted that he assaulted others.

A 51-year-old New Haven man recently filed a lawsuit against St. Vincent’s Medical Center claiming he was sexually assaulted by Flores in the hospital in May 2013.

In February 2014, police Officer Sheldon Mayne met with Martin Chalecki after Chalecki told hospital security he had been assaulted earlier that day in his hospital room by a male hospital employee.

Chalecki did not know his alleged assailant’s name at that time, but he subsequently picked out a photo of Flores as the man who assaulted him from eight photographs of men police shower him.

When a patient is admitted to a hospital, he entrusts his bodily safety to the care of the hospital and its employees.

A hospital must always make patient safety its highest priority and protect vulnerable patients from sexual assault by hospital employees.

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