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Corey Feldman Names Third Abuser in Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Corey Feldman Names Third Abuser in Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Feldman appeared on a follow up episode of the Dr. Oz show where he named the third of six of his childhood abusers, Alhpy Hoffman aka Alphy Rivas.

Hoffman ran Alphy’s Soda Pop Club from 1986-1989 which was an exclusive 16 and under disco club for Hollywood child stars.  At the time, Hoffman was known as the son of Bobby Hoffman, one of the top casting directors of the time.  It was later realized Alphy was not Bobby’s son, but in fact his lover.

Feldman said it was a big deal to be invited to one of Hoffman’s parties.  Alphy himself would come pick up the children from their homes.  These parties looked like they were kid-friendly, however outside the party room was a pool with a bartender that Feldman said would often serve underage party- goers.

Feldman started going to Hoffman’s parties as young as 12 years of age. He said the abuse took him for surprise.  He thought him and Alphy were great friends, talking about dating and girls.  Alphy started showing Feldman pornography before making his next advances.  Feldman later came to see this as the “grooming” process, the steps a child predator goes through to gain trust.  He told Dr. Oz he was afraid to tell his parents because he was unsure what they might think.

After Feldman released the names of two of his abusers on the show last week, LAPD initially said they would open an investigation.  This was quickly closed due to criminal statute of limitations issues. 

Feldman told Dr. Oz he was hoping for more action because, “if we could actually put some of these guys behind bars I would feel a lot better, I would sleep a lot easier at night knowing these guys don’t have access to kids right now, that’s the most important thing.”


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