Child Victim’s Act Included in 2018 New York State Budget

Child Victim’s Act Included in 2018 New York State Budget

Albany, NY – Governor Cuomo unveiled a $168.2 billion budget for New York which includes provisions to pass the long awaited Child Victims Act.

The Child Victims Act would extend the timeframe a victim has to bring a civil or criminal case against their abuser.  They currently have until their 23rd birthday, but the Act will allow felony cases to be brought until their 28th birthday and civil cases up until their 50th birthday. 

According to the New York Daily News, “The bill also included a one-year window to revive old cases and treated public and private institutions the same.”  The current window is ninety days.

Tarana Burke, creator of the ‘Me Too’ movement, told the New York Daily News that she met many survivors through the years who felt they never had any recourse once they found the strength to confront their abuse.

“The New York Child Victims Act is an important measure to bring justice for victims,” said Jeff Herman. “It’s time for this Act to pass.”

For more information:

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*Photo Credit: HANS PENNINK/AP

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