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Child Sex Abuse Investigation at Hernando Christian Academy, Second Time in Three Months

Child Sex Abuse Investigation at Hernando Christian Academy, Second Time in Three Months

Brooksville, FL – Bruce McAllister, husband of Hernando Christian Academy Principal was arrested Thursday on more than 30 criminal charges, accused of sexually abusing foreign exchange students from Europe.

The McAllister’s housed the exchange students while they attended the private school in Florida.  Investigators have identified four victims so far, but due to the statute of limits, McAllister can only be charged with the assault of three of them.

Hernando Christian Academy is a private school in Hernando County Florida and is widely known for their sports programs.  Bruce McAllister was a volunteer at the school assisting in physical therapy of the athletes.  He was previously a massage therapist who had lost his license. Detectives say McAllister promised to make the boys American football stars.

This is the second time this school year a staff member Hernando Christian Academy was arrested for having sexual relations with students.  Aimee Chevalier, a former cafeteria worker at the school, was arrested in August for the unlawful sexual activity with a minor and transmission of harmful material to a minor. After sending the student naked pictures and videos via text messages, Chevalier and the student met and engaged in sexual activities in the school kitchen.

Both Chevalier and McAllister have been dismissed by Hernando Christian Academy.

These schools need to take more responsibility to keep their students safe from sexual predators.


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