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Cardinal Gibbons High School Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student

Cardinal Gibbons High School Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student

Cardinal Gibbons Catholic High School math teacher, John Farrell, was arrested and charged with 20 counts of unlawful sexual activity with a 16-year-old student, the Miami Herald reported.

Farrell, 25, allegedly began a sexual relationship with the student during after-school activities and continued to have sexual contact with the victim on and off school property for nearly three months.

Cardinal Gibbons is a Roman Catholic high school, acting under the direction of the Archdiocese of Miami.  According to a statement released by the Archdiocese of Miami, John Farrell is a first year teacher at the Fort Lauderdale private school.

Although the police report indicates Farrell’s relationship with the student was “consensual”, a 16-year-old cannot consent to sex with an adult.

In many of my cases, the victims I represent are what we call compliant victims. Ninety percent of all kids who are sexually abused were abused by someone they know and trust. What often happens is the adult grooms the child by giving them special attention, buying them gifts, and doing other things to gain the child’s trust.

By the time the sex happens, the child is compliant. They have gone along with it, which makes them feel guilty and like they’ve done something wrong. This is part of what makes it so difficult for victims of child sexual abuse to come forward. This is why it is so important that we, as parents, remain alert and keep the lines of communication open. We may not always be able to prevent the abuse from happening, but when a child breaks their silence and we confront the issue by getting the child the help they need as soon as possible, we can save them a lifetime of suffering.

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