ALERT: Sexual Assault of Mentally Disabled Student by Substitute Teacher

ALERT: Sexual Assault of Mentally Disabled Student by Substitute Teacher


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                                                                Sexual Assault of Mentally Disabled Student by Substitute Teacher

WHAT: JEFF HERMAN (, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse, announces the filing of a lawsuit against the SCHOOL BOARD OF MONROE COUNTY for the sexual abuse of a special needs student at SUGARLOAF SCHOOL by WILLIAM BRITT, a serial sex offender who sexually abused at least three children in Monroe County, Florida. 

According to the Complaint:

  • On or about October 2, 2012, MOTHER DOE went to the School to pick up JOHN DOE.  BRITT told her that JOHN DOE needed extra shorts because his pants were covered with “stuff” because he had masturbated, which she refuted stating JOHN DOE was physically unable to do so.
  • The following day, MOTHER DOE reported her interaction with BRITT to an exceptional student education (ESE) staffing specialist, JOHN DOE’s teacher and the Principal of the School.
  • On or about October 8, 2012, JOHN DOE returned to the School.  Britt continued in his same position in the School and continued his contact with JOHN DOE.
  • On or about November 2, 2012, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office commended a criminal investigation into possession of child pornography by BRITT.  Subsequently, he admitted to the Special Agent that JOHN DOE had soiled himself and that he attempted to clean him, and in doing so touched and rubbed JOHN DOE’s penis and genital area.
  • BRITT admitted that he became sexually aroused while doing so, and that he later masturbated himself to mental images of having touched JOHN DOE.
  • Prior to BRITT sexually abusing JOHN DOE, the principal of a school in the Monroe County School District had actual notice that BRITT was alleged to have sexually abused another student but the SCHOOL BOARD continued to allow BRITT to have contact with students in the Monroe County school system without warning, limit, supervision or restraint.

JOHN DOE NO. 124 v. SCHOOL BOARD OF MONROE COUNTY was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Jeff Herman, the victim’s attorney, stated: “This is a classic case of a school not making the safety of students their top priority which resulted in the sexual abuse of other victims including my client.”

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