ALERT: Second Lawsuit Against New York City DOE Alleges Sexual Harassment and Abuse by Incarcerated Teacher

ALERT: Second Lawsuit Against New York City DOE Alleges Sexual Harassment and Abuse by Incarcerated Teacher


Second Lawsuit Against New York DOE Alleges Sexual Harassment and Abuse by Incarcerated Teacher

WHAT: JEFF HERMAN (, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of sexual abuse, announces the filing of a lawsuit against the NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION for the sexual harassment and abuse of a female student by SEAN SHAYNAK, a former teacher at BROOKLYN TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL.

According to the Complaint:

  • Sean Shaynak was hired to be a teacher at Brooklyn Technical School in approximately 2009.  During the hiring process, it was revealed to the DOE that Shaynak had previously been arrested for assault and battery upon a minor boy.
  • Upon information and belief, Brooklyn Tech officials and administrators were aware of several instances of inappropriate and sexually harassing behavior by Sean Shaynak, including:

o   Flashing female students while dressed in drag at a school dance.

o   Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol with students just off campus.

o   Allowing students to skip class and “hang out” with him in his classroom.

  •  Brooklyn Tech officials and administrators chose not to take corrective action against Shaynak.  As a result, Shaynak continued to have unfettered access to female students and he continued to sexually harass female students at Brooklyn Tech, including S.S. 
  • Beginning in or about the 2011-2012 school year, S.S. was a student in Shaynak’s 11th grade physics lab class, he began grooming and sexually harassing S.S. by:

o   Allowing S.S. to turn in blank assignments, filling in only her name, for perfect grades.

o   Often having sexually inappropriate and harassing conversations with S.S. in school, once giving S.S. and a group of other students advice on how to have sexual relationship with other teachers.

o   Giving S.S. long, intense, and very tight hugs in which he would press his pelvis against S.S. in school.

o   Sending sexually inappropriate text messages as well as pictures of his exposed genitals. 

o   Convincing S.S. to come to his home, where Shaynak then engaged S.S. in sexual intercourse, including oral, vaginal and anal penetration.

S.S. v. NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION was filed Saturday in The U.S. District Court Eastern District of New York.

Jeff Herman, the victim’s attorney, stated: “A school must not allow the children they serve to be sexually abused and exploited.  The school utterly failed to protect these girls.” 

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