*ALERT* New Suit Filed Against

*ALERT* New Suit Filed Against

Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against

social networking website BLACKPLANET.COM,

Lavont Flanders and Edward Callum (a/k/a Jah-T)

What:    Attorney Jeff Herman of Herman, Mermelstein & Horowitz, P.A. announces the filing of a lawsuit against the social networking website and two men who are accused of drugging and raping a young woman they met on the site.  According to the Complaint:

  • is a social networking site for Black Americans with over 15 million members.
  • Plantiff, Jane Doe, posted modeling pictures of herself on her BLACKPLANET.COM profile in order to attract the interest of talent scouts and modeling agencies.
  • BLACKPLANET.COM knew or should have known of the prevalence of online predators, who would create false identities, present phony opportunities and make false promises in order to deceive BLACKPLANET.COM members.
  • Edward Callum (a/k/a Jah-T) and Lavont Flanders used BLACKPLANET.COM as a database of potential victims to fraudulently solicit girls, such as Jane Doe, into fake modeling auditions, where they were drugged, raped, and videotaped for profit.
  • Flanders pretended to be a female talent scout on BLACKPLANET.COM and contacted Jane Doe offering her a commercial audition in south Florida.
  • After gaining the trust of Jane Doe, she was brought to south Florida for an audition where she was drugged and raped.  The rape was recorded on videotape and sold for profit.  Jane Doe did not remember the rape because she was drugged.
  • Jane Doe became aware she was drugged and raped a year later when someone told her about the videotape with her in it.
  • Callum and Flanders were indicted by a Federal grand jury for their alleged actions with other women.

Where:  Herman Mermelstein & Horowitz, P.A.

18205 Biscayne Boulevard

Suite 2218

Miami, FL 33160



JEFF HERMAN, ESQ.  305-931-2200

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