**ALERT: Father Neil Doherty named in child sexual abuse lawsuit filed by Jeff Herman

**ALERT: Father Neil Doherty named in child sexual abuse lawsuit filed by Jeff Herman


Child sexual abuse lawsuit filed against Archdiocese of Miami alleges Father Neil Doherty drugged and sexually abused a 15-year-old boy

WHAT: Attorney JEFF HERMAN, a nationally-recognized attorney for victims of rape and sexual abuse, announced the filing of a lawsuit against ARCHDIOCESE OF MIAMI for the sexual abuse of a child by Father Neil Doherty, a priest currently in jail awaiting a criminal trial.

According to the Complaint:

  • In or around 1984, John Doe, then a 15-year-old boy, was introduced to Father Doherty in Keystone Trailer Park in Miami.  Father Doherty took the boy to a trailer where he drugged the boy, causing him to lose consciousness. When the boy awoke, he was lying naked next to Father Doherty and he felt the residue of semen on his leg. Father Doherty tried to calm the boy down and offered him money.
  • Over approximately the next 18 months, Father Doherty continued to drug and sexually abuse the boy giving him money afterward. The abuse included oral sex and sodomy.
  • Doherty sexually abused other boys before, during, and after the time he abused this boy, which was known to the Archdiocese and actively concealed.

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